Coo Coo Clock: What’s in a Name?

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 22nd Jul 2020

Even a cursory amount of research into cuckoo clocks will yield a wealth of information. There are volumes of historical information on the origin and construction of these wonderful styles of clocks, … read more

A Few Reasons to Spruce up Your Home with a Cuckoo Clock

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 20th Jul 2020

The fixtures and decorative features that you use to decorate your home will have almost as much impact on the spirit of the location as the furniture you include. For that reason, many people will … read more

Interesting Facts About An Authentic German Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 18th Jul 2020

While some might imagine a cuckoo clock as any clock that contains a small wooden bird, calling at periodic intervals, there’s so much more to the rich history associated with their production. At B … read more

Categorizing a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 17th Jul 2020

To some out there, the definition of a cuckoo clock might seem self-evident. In essence, some might have a preconceived notion that if a clock has a little bird in it that sings every hour or … read more

Consider a Modern Cuckoo Wall Clock for Your Interior Design

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 27th May 2020

There’s no denying the ageless appeal that a true traditional cuckoo clock can have for your home. With their rococo, hand-carved decoration celebrating the finer bucolic muses of the world and t … read more

An Overview of Some of Our Cuckoo Clocks

Posted by Bavarian Clockworks on 6th May 2020

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to add a classic  cuckoo clock to your wall. Whether your interests are cultural, historical, or you just want a nice piece of hand … read more