A Few Reasons to Spruce up Your Home with a Cuckoo Clock

Posted by on 20th Jul 2020

The fixtures and decorative features that you use to decorate your home will have almost as much impact on the spirit of the location as the furniture you include. For that reason, many people will choose a theme when laying out their home and then stick to it when choosing decorations, furniture, and accessories. A well laid out space can be warm and inviting and you can create a pleasant harmony within the setting.

Many people use paintings and other hanging wall decorations in conjunction with sculpture and figurines among other decorative accents to put the finishing touches on their interior design. Many homes include a timepiece - a clock is a nearly universal design feature of almost all domestic settings, and as a result, there are a vast number of different styles in clocks.

One of these is the cuckoo clock, perhaps most recognizable in the form of a hand-carved case that showcases rustic and rural designs, though this is far from your only option. These clocks have been and remain very popular styles of clocks that people around the world have chosen to accent their homes, and for their variety, pleasantry and rich history have been used to decorate living quarters for a while. Here are a few reasons to choose a cuckoo clock to add some extra character to your home.

Irreplaceable Visual Aesthetic

Few types of clocks have as much innate character as a  cuckoo clock or as much variety. While many may have an impression of these clocks as a woodland themed wooden clocks with a little bird, there are many styles and each of them offers a slightly altered approach to interior decor.

For example, the type of clock mentioned above would fall into the category known as Traditional or Hunter clocks. These clocks feature a hand-carved case embellished with details from woodland or mountain life, often celebrating wildlife and the sport of hunting. Their spirit is as many-hued as the forest itself, and many of them would make fine additions to a home whose theme was centered around old world or rustic charm.

Other settings would do better from the inclusion of a Chalet style clock which shows off the pleasures of town life and the gathering of jolly locals. If your decor is typified by a love of a cozy, intimate civil life, then a Chalet style clock might be the right accent mark for your home.

At the same time, there are many other vintage and baroque style cocks that feature elegantly carved geometric patterns and designs that are more appropriate to similarly active settings. Even if your home makes the most of modern decor and minimal styling, we offer plenty of different styles of modern clocks here at Bavarian Clockworks to benefit settings that would be better graced by them than by more traditional designs. Many modern designs such as Classic Cube and Diamond Shaped clocks are perfect for ultra-modern homes. At the same time, though some modern clocks are quartz clocks, others are mechanical clocks that are handmade in the Black Forest in Germany and thus are authentic models. If you are attracted to the allure of a cuckoo clock, there is one for almost any setting.

Match Your Decor

Beyond the fact that you can find examples of cuckoo clocks to make a match for any setting, there are finer points that will mesh with your interior design that you can find in many of our clocks. For example, if your dining room or living room is decorated with a furniture set made of rich, dark walnut, a walnut stained Traditional clock would make a fine complement to the setting.

By contrast, if your home is typified by a different color theme and simplified modern designs, a painted modern clock or shield clock would be a better fit. Between these two design elements, however, there is a wealth of opportunities for you to match your decor with a cuckoo clock.

Add a Little Life to a Setting

On top of the fact that the many different styles of cuckoo clocks can put a nice touch on your decor and reverberate pleasantly with your interior design, they are also a nice way to add a little life to the setting. For example, many of our clocks play nice traditional German folk music like Edelweiss or The Happy Wanderer. Many clocks chime not only on the hour but on the half. In addition, some clocks will add a fair amount of movement in addition to the music they play. Many Chalet style clocks, for example, feature figures that will dance and move about when animated. As you can see, there is quite a bit more life in many clocks than one little cuckoo bird.

At Bavarian Clockworks, our goal is to provide great customer service on top of our collection of German clocks from the Black Forest region. That may mean putting you in touch with the clock that is ideal for your home, which will take some investigating and shopping. Therefore, we welcome you to call us up at 800-950-6753. We’ll get to know what you’re looking for in such a clock and can make recommendations on the models we will find to suit you best. All it takes is a little digging to find the ideal model, so contact our team today.