10 Best Germany Travel Guides from Experienced Travel Bloggers

Posted by on 2nd Jun 2016

Germany has grown to one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and in todays information era, it’s no wonder that many of these travellers are doing their research before they head to the airport. Travel guides are one of the most valuable pieces of content someone can find when starting their research into their destination. We’ve read through countless travel guides for Germany, and researched into the type of traveler the authors were, to bring you the 10 Top Germany Travel Guides from Experiences Travel bloggers.

These world travellers each have a unique story behind why they started a travel blog, and the reasons they ended up landing in Germany. Whether they were backpacking through Europe, spent their honeymoon in the beautiful  Black Forest, or moved abroad to the city of Berlin, each of them share a unique but informative perspective on travelling Germany.

That Backpacker | Audrey Bergner

Travelling in Germany

Audrey is a full time travel blogger so spends most of her time on the road. She has done extensive travel throughout Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Bebenhausen, Tuebingen, and more. Starting her blog in 2010, she never expected this ti turn into her full time job. But through sharing captivating photos and unique travel experiences covering topics from cuisine and local drinks, to museums and traditions, That Backpacker has grown in popularity, and offers some incredibly valuable guides on traveling Germany. 

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Happiness and Things | Silke Elzner

Happiness and things travel blogger

Germany Travel

Silke is based in Sydney, Australia, and has been running her travel blog "Happiness and Things" since early 2013. Silke is originally from Germany, so offers an incredibly in depth perspective of German travel, with a "local" type of insights. The main goal for her blog is to encourage and inspire people to go out and explore themselves, and to help them plan their trips in a way that they will get the most out of the experience. Though she shares travel advice and experiences from all over the world, this write-up captures a very unique essence of what Germany has to offer.

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Travels of Adam | Adam Groffman


Moving to Germany

Based in Berlin, Germany, though as a travel writer, Adam is regularly traveling. In addition to writing and managing his popular travel blog,, Adam also works with Eating Europe Tours on their online marketing.  Travels of Adam started in 2009 in preparation for a gap year he was planning, and wanted to keep himself productive while traveling by sharing about his experiences.

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FlyEatTravel | Miro and Mirko Henzel

The Ultimate Guide to Munich

Miro and Marko are a father and son team that has travelled to 3 continents, dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, these professionals not only know travel but have an obviously unique dynamic to share. These two share a lot of family friendly travel experiences, from visiting beaches to theme parks to historical museums. This guide to Munich, truly is "ultimate" and for anyone planning to touch down in this city, this is a must have resource! 

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Women Travel the World | Rosemary Neaves

Women travel blog germany

Travelling Alone in Germany

Rosemary is a writer/blogger that focuses on topics related to women and travel. Based out of New Zealand, she shares both stories from her travels and other women explorers as well. The "Women Travel Blog" was a way for her to not only share stories of women travellers, but to compile information about women owned accommodations and tour businesses emerging around the world, particularly ones that cater to female travellers. 

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Nina Travels | Nina Potuje

Nina travels german travel tips

Germany Travel

Nina and Simon are based in Slovenia, near the capital of Ljubljana. They started our blog about 4 years ago because their family and friends always wanted to hear about their travels, every time they returned home. A blog allowed them to not answer the same questions or tell the same stories over and over, plus it helped people follow their travels live and keep more up to date. As the blog became more and more popular, they starting including useful travel tips and information for everyone wanting to go travel, drawing from their experiences on the road.

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Grown-Up Travel Guide | Andy Higgs 

Grown up travel guide germany

Germany Travel Guide

Andy is an Englishman that has been living in Trondheim, Norway for the past 17 years. The Grown Up Travel Guide was started in 2012 because he was always being asked for travel advise about his more "grown up" style of travel. What makes Andy's content so unique is he caters to those travellers who don't want to be hauling a massive backpack from hostel to hostel. Andy travel with class, and shares tips and advice for a higher quality of travel. 

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Kevin & Amanda - Food, Travel, Photography

Guide to Munich, Germany

Kevin and Amanda are a bright and energetic couple that share everything they can from their travels on their blog. Covering all sorts of topics from food to photography, they have great content that takes a very bright outlook on travel and the countries they've visited. We found this guide to Munich, Germany, to be very well rounded for all of the foodies out their, as they talk about and share 'delicious' photos of German cuisine favourites, mixed in with some popular must see places to visit. 

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Oh God, My Wife is German | Obi G. Macaroni

Everything Germany

Obi G. Macaroni (or "OGM" as he prefers) started Oh God, My Wife is German in 2011 after he began compiling lists and notes of all the hilarious things his German wife did or said. When they shared some of these quotes or idioms with their friends, they realized they were not so much inside jokes, but great pieces of humour with widespread appeal. This blog is filled with tons of great insider information about German people and culture. While not necessarily a "travel guide", anyone preparing for a trip to Germany can learn a lot about the people and social memes from OGM's writing! 

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Angloitalian | Dale Davies & Franca Calabretta

Angloitalian travel blogger guide to germany

Berlin on a Budget

Dale Davies is a forever smiling Brit who chose to leave his retail hell behind him and make full-time travel a reality, and Franca Calabretta moved away from her home town of Alberobello in Puglia, Italy more than ten years ago, so often feels more at home while one the road. This duo is truly unique for a number of reasons; 1. They are budget travellers (though never let it make them crazy, if something costs 'this' much, they pay 'that' much), 2. They are slow travellers, and 3. They are vegan travellers. This rare combination of travel lead to a special kind of guide focused on Berlin, Germany, and we thought it would resonate with anyone who values these styles of travel. 

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Save These Travel Guides for Your Next Trip to Germany

This roundup of excellent Germany travel guides was carefully put together to cover a diverse style of travel experts. If you find yourself resonating with one or two of these travel pro's, then be sure to bookmark their site or follow them on social media, because like all travel bloggers they are always exploring new destinations and releasing travel guides for countries around the globe. 

If you or someone you know is planning a trip to Germany, these travel tips can help you navigate your journey, hit the must-see locations, and create an absolutely memorable trip. Bon Voyage!

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