Where to buy a Cuckoo Clock in the Black Forest

Posted by on 27th Jun 2017

For the clock enthusiasts traveling to the Black Forest, we’ve got a list of shop suggestions, cuckoo clock attractions and tips to help you find an authentic clock at a fair price while experiencing the rich history of German clock making.

Why the Black Forest?

If you’re searching for a cuckoo clock on your Black Forest holiday, you probably already know of the region’s storied clock-making history. Though occasionally contested, it’s believed the cuckoo clock as we know it today originated in the town of Schonwald, and unlike products that move their manufacturing homes to big cities, the handmade cuckoo clock industry has primarily stayed put here in the Black Forest.

As regional treasures, cuckoo clocks can be easily found in Black Forest shops, many of them aimed toward tourists. Tip: for those hoping to bring home an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, be sure to look for certification from the Black Forest Clock Association, also known as the Verein die Schwarzwalduhr (VdS).

Towns and Shops

Triberg: Triberg im Schwarzwald is well-known for its clock making history, though the industry no longer plays a major role in the town’s economy. It is home to the Triberg Waterfalls and the Black Forest Museum.

Triberg Shops:

  • Oli’s Schnitzstube, Wallfahrtstraße 17, 78098, Triberg, Germany                       
  • Haus der 1000 Uhren, Hauptstraße 79-81, 78098, Triberg, Germany

Furtwangen: Furtwangen im Schwarzwald is also known for its clock making history. It was home to musical clockmaker Emilian Wehrle (1832-1896), and is now home to the German Clock Museum, a must see for cuckoo clock lovers.

Furtwangen Cuckoo Clock Attractions:

  • The German Clock Museum, Robert-Gerwig-Platz 1, 78120, Furtwangen im Schwarzwald, Germany

Schönwald: Visit Schonwald, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock. The first Black Forest cuckoo clock was constructed here by Franz Anton Ketterer.  

Schonach: Schonach is home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock, a giant, working clock. The clock is 60 times the size of a traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock and a popular tourist destination.

Schonach Cuckoo Clock Shops:

  • Rombach & Haas, Sommerbergstraße 2, 78136, Schonach im Schwarzwald, Germany

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Manufacturers

Some of our favorite Black Forest cuckoo clock manufacturers:

Black Forest Cuckoo ClockBlack Forest Coo Coo Clock

Where to buy cuckoo clocks Romabach & Haasgerman cuckoo clock

Getting your cuckoo clock home

Once you’ve found the perfect cuckoo clock, you’ll have to face the challenge of getting it home. For those traveling by air, the best choice is to allow the shop to ship your clock to you. This entails an additional cost, but will ensure your clock is packaged for air travel and arrives safely at your home.

It’s understandable to want to purchase your clock while visiting the Black Forest, but if you prefer faster, less expensive delivery, consider buying your clock online. All clocks from Bavarian Clockworks are imported from the Black Forest, serviced in the United States and are certified to be authentic.