How to hang a cuckoo clock


Hanging a clock by anchoring it directly into a stud is the best and most secure way to mount your cuckoo clock It is generally recommended that you use a screw with a minimum of 2 inches in length for going through the drywall and into a stud. Be sure to leave a 1/2 inch or more exposed outside the wall so the screw will fit firmly into the mounting hole on the back of the clock. It is also recommended that the screw have a large head and be installed at a slight downward angle as shown below. This is the most secure way to hang your new cuckoo clock.

how to hang a cuckoo clock 


If you simply cannot locate a stud or have your heart set on a spot that does not have a stud behind it a good alternative is to use a zip or zip-it wall anchor. We generally recommend an anchor that is rated to support at least double the weight of your cuckoo clock. Anchors rated at 75 pounds or more will usually do the job. These anchors can be purchased at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and many other local hardware stores. Again, anchoring a cuckoo clock directly into a stud is the preferred and ideal way to mount it but a solid zip anchor is a very good alternative. Be sure to carefully follow the manufacturers instructions for satisfactory results. See the illustration below to see what a zip anchor looks like and how it works.

hanging a cuckoo clock


We are often asked, How high should I hang my cuckoo clock? The best answer is to set your anchor between 6 1/2 and a 7 feet depending on the height of the clock and whether or not you mind having a few inches of chain on the floor when your clock is fully wound. For larger clocks set the anchor at 7 feet and for those with a height under 15 inches you can go a little lower.

Remember, coo coo clocks are designed to be mounted and viewed at a slight angle above the site line. The bottom of a larger clock (wood not weights) will be about 6 feet off of the ground if the anchor is mounted at the recommended height of 7 feet. If you prefer to have your clock to hang a little lower that's okay. Just realize that you may either have some of the chain gather on the floor when the clock is fully wound or for confident do it yourselfers you may choose to remove some links from the chain to shorten it a bit. Remember that a shorter chain means winding the clock a little more often. We generally do not recommend altering the chain length of a new cuckoo clock as it can impact the warranty. Just putting all the options out there for you. 

For additional information and tips be sure to read our DIY cuckoo clock repair guide to get up and running fast. 

Follow these instructions and you will be all set to hang your new cuckoo clock upon arrival. Happy hanging!