Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Posted by on 9th Feb 2021

Keep track of time with this handmade German Cuckoo Clock. Every half hour, the cuckoo sings and the dancers come out, twirling to the sound of two traditional tunes: Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer.

With 26” of height and 17” wide of hand-carved wood, this Black Forest Cuckoo Clock will be the crown jewel of your living room. Enjoy the passage of time with a 300-year-old tradition, passed from father to son in Germany. And when it’s time for bed, the cuckoo rests automatically - awaiting a new day to sing!

Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Every Cuckoo Clock is unique: our German craftspeople carefully carve out every wooden piece, from the cuckoo itself to the bears at the top. Each clock has a certificate from the German Association of the Black Forest Clock, proving that it’s built in the Black Forest and according to traditional standards.

By tradition, every piece of a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is manufactured in the Black Forest itself, a mountainous woodland bordering France. That includes the internal clockwork, the weights, and even the dancers that twirl every 30 minutes.

German farmers started to build Cuckoo Clocks in the 1600s, inspired by the clocks of France and the Czech Republic as a way to earn extra money. In 1850, a duke inaugurated a clock-making school in Furtwangen to improve the craft, teaching locals maths, drawing, and clock movements. This set the stage for Cuckoo Clocks worldwide, enchanting people ever since.

Give your father, husband, or son the gift of time well spent with you.